Musik über die Dronte oder mit Dronte auf dem Cover

DODO - The Android's Dream CD

Music for Playtime:
1. la Symphonie des jouets, II (Leopold Mozart)
2. Extraits de 12 Variations sur "Ah, vous dirae-je, Maman?", K. 265
3. La Symphonie des jouets, III, Menuet (Leopold Mozart)
4. Quatuor pour flute en ré majeur, K. 171

Mozart pour la transition:
5. Rondo, Allegro ma non troppo, sérénade No. 9 en ré Majeur, K. 320
6. Andantino, Quatuor pour flute en do majeur K. 171 (258b)

Mozart pour le dodo:
7. Andante, Symphonie No. 25 en sol mineur, K.183
8. Musique pour orgue, variation sur K. 265, "Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman?"
9. Adagio III, quartet No. 20 en do majeur K. 499 "Hoffmeister"

Quelle: Mozart Effect


I see a white haired man, he's got a suit on hand
He's telling people how they're supposed to live
Nobody's listening to the politician
No matter what sage advice he has to give

He's got a clumsy, outdated m.o.
And he's come to a fork in the road
And there is only one direction to go

Among the commuters, dwarfed by the skyscrapers
I watch the countless millions fighting for space
See hateful, petty acts, disjointed images,
And can't believe that i'm one of the same race

We're all just struggling to cope
And we come to a fork in the road
As we watch our foundations erode
There's only one direction to go

It's the way of the dodo
Such a noble destiny
It's the waltz of desperation
Passed along to you and me
The way of the dodo
(it's the gray stuff in your head)
(it's the pulse of the living and the voices of the dead)

By Bad Religion:Miscellaneous

Bye Bye Dodo

by John Forster

The dodo was slow. He stayed on the ground. 
Tasted great on a plate beautifully browned. 
We hounded that bird, chased him around.
Finally one day he could not be found. 

Bye Bye, Dodo.
Dodo, bye bye. 
So sad to say goodbye. 
Oh Dodo, me oh my.

The rhino is large, as large as a barge.
Weighs a ton, loves to run. Look at her charge.
Her home's on the plain but the pain's on the wane.
That is why so few rhinoceroses remain.

Don't go, Rhino.
Rhino, don't go.
We'd miss you ever so.
Oh Rhino please don't go.

The king of the sky, way up on his crag,
Recently even he started to sag.
But just in the nick, we helped him pull through.
Now more and more eagles soar out in the blue.

Fly high, Eagle.
Eagle, fly high.
Go forth and multiply.
Oh regal eagle, fly.

-Compiled by Lesley and Katherine

(Eddy Marnay, Christian Gaubert)

La do do la do
Deux doigts sur un piano
Ce vieux piano a bon dos
Me suivre dans mes reves
Ce n'est pas de tout repos

Sur les touches noires
Je mets mon desespoir
Ou bien je gare
Mes problemes

C'est sur les touches blanches
Que je range
Mes 'Je t'aime'

Alors ce piano-la
Ne sait plus ou il va
Il pleure ou bien il rit
Ou les deux a la fois
Il fait des tremolos
Il est juste il est faux

Il melange tout
Le pire et le meilleur
Il colle bout a bout
Mineur et puis majeur
Il cogne un peu trop fort
Et se trompe d'accord

La do do la do
Je joue pianissimo
En revant d'un inconnu
Qui pour la vie entiere
Me fera faire
Un pas de plus

Je n'ai que deux mains
Mais l'air que j'aime bien
Ne se joue qu'a quatre mains
Mais pourvu qu'il existe
Le pianiste
Que j'attends

Sinon ce piano-la
Ne sait plus ou il va
Il pleure ou bien il rit
Ou les deux a la fois
Il fait des tremolos
Il est juste il est faux

En attendant qu'il vienne
Cet air que je compose
Ne risque pas de faire
Trembler "La vie en rose"
Et pourtant je suis fiere
D'avoir fait sur son nom
Cette drole de chanson

Drole de chanson
Cette drole de chanson

Celine Dion Lyrics

Potpourri: King Dodo Ein Musical

King Dodo

The Lemon-Colored Dodo
To my daughter, Ellen-Diane

by Irving Mopper

Lyrics drawn from "The Desk Drawer Anthology"
Compiled and Edited by Alice Roosevelt Longworth and Theodore Roosevelt.
Published by Doubleday -Doran, Inc.
B.M. Co. 10897

Now Charles gave Elizabeth a dodo;
Charles never offered one to me.
The lovliest lemon colored Dodo
With the greenest eyes,
with the greenest eyes that you would like to see.

Now it isn't that I'm doubting Charles loves me,
And I know that he would ask me out for tea
But he did give Elizabeth a Dodo
And he never offered one to me,
and he never offered one to me!

Copyright 1947 The Boston Music Co.


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